Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home

Clutter drives me nuts! There is nothing more annoying than walking from one room to another and seeing clutter everywhere. Shoes, dog toys, random pieces of paper, phone chargers everywhere, blankets, trash, and so much more. It is hard to stay on top of clutter when there are 7 people and 5 animals in one house.

Decluttering can apply to bedrooms, bathrooms, storage closets and kitchens as well. It does not always mean there is trash everywhere. I personally find that I keep more things than I need wither it be clothing, broken phone cards, old birthday cards that really are not that special, and more random items.

Declutter your Bedroom!

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1. Start With Your Closet – If I feel like I need to declutter to make me feel better, I always start with my closet! It is hard to part with clothing because they often have some sort of sentimental meaning attached to them, or we think to ourselves “oh I am losing weight. I will fit in it soon”. Come on. Odds are you’ve had that shirt or those shorts for over a year. It is time to part with them until the time comes. Or maybe you have clothing that is too big that you do not want to part with. If it doesn’t fit, you wont wear it. It is taking up space in your bedroom.

I personally donate my lightly or unused clothing to an amazing non-profit here in Denver that allows children in low-income families to come pick out 14 outfits a year, 7 every 6 months. I have volunteered on the weekends when they hand out wardrobes. It feels so good to help and see these kids happy for receiving cute clothing. They can go to school feeling confident.

Toss underwear and socks with holes in them. If they are on their last leg, it is time to part and maybe buy replacements.

2. Accessories – Get rid of any necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings that you do not wear anymore. You may have a missing earring so you do not have a complete set. Toss any scarfs and purses you do not use.

3. Shoes – Shoes that are too big, too small, hurt your feet, are falling apart. TOSS THEM! Try some pairs on that maybe you have not worn in a while with some clothing and see if you have any outfits they go with. If not, get rid of them.

4. Go Through Nightstand Drawers – I personally keep nail polish, nail supplies, gift cards and reward or membership cards, etc. Test your nail polish every few months and toss any that are old and clumpy. Check gift card balances and get rid of any that are empty, broken phone cords that do not charge.

Declutter Your Bathroom

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1. Go Through Drawers – Get rid of broken hair ties, old combs that have missing prongs, expired facial masks, empty toothpaste containers. Any random items you might have!

2. Go Through Your Towels – Go through all of your towels, hand towels and washcloths and get rid of any that you no longer use, or have torn ends that are starting to fall apart.

Declutter Your Kitchen

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1. Get Rid of Cups, Glasses and Water Bottles – My house always has more water bottles and cups than we need. I recently went through a cabinet in our downstairs kitchen and got rid of 15 water bottles that no one uses. No one even remembers they are there.

2. Clean Out Your Fridge and Pantry – Check expiration dates and toss out old crackers, canned goods, random items that you opened and never ate. Toss any moldy items from your fridge, check expiration dates on sauces and condiments. Take everything out and wipe down your shelves, and check every item in your fridge.

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