Living in Tokyo, Japan – Part 1

Tokyo, Japan was a place that I was able to call my home for two years. This is a multiple part post as there is too much to write in one blog post about my life in Tokyo, Japan. I kept a journal while living in Japan so each post will be a journal entry or two.

At the age of 11, my sisters and I were sitting on the couch when mom and dad told us they had something to tell us. We would be moving to Tokyo, Japan. The company my dad works for reached out with the opportunity to be a GM for all factory stores across Japan.

As an 11 year old it is hard to process and conceptualize what moving means, let alone to a foreign country where they speak a different language. It never hit me that we would be moving away from our entire family and the only life I knew in Vancouver, Washington.

Leaving Portland, Oregon to Move to Tokyo

July 14th, 2010

Last night when we arrived at Tokyo’s Narita Airport, we had to get dinner because it was 5:30 pm and we were so hungry so we had McDonalds. I loved how the fries weren’t greasy at all. When dad was getting tickets for the airport limousine bus to the hotel, we found out that the next bus was not until 8:15 pm.

At about 7:50 pm we went outside to wait for the bus. At exactly 8:15 pm, the bus arrives. We hopped on the bus and we were on our way. It took about an hour and a half to get to the hotel. We finally arrived at the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel in the heart of Shibuya. checked in, and went to our rooms. 11 pm is a late night for an 11, 8 and 4 year old.

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Today we explored the area around our hotel in Shibuya in Tokyo. While exploring we found a fish and meat market, cute little anime shops, and so much more. After exploring we grabbed some Starbucks, and headed back to the hotel to meet with the realtor to finalize the rental of the apartment.

After finalizing the rental of the apartment, we went to the find some furniture for the apartment! Sophie, Taylor and I all sat in a massage chair and it felt so good! I decided to grab some free green tea. I don’t even like green tea though, but we found out that Taylor likes green tea!

We went to another leasing company and Sophie, Taylor and I were so bored! I decided to go next door to a 7-Eleven where I made my first purchase in Tokyo! I bought a bottled water for 100 yen! After I went back to the furniture store, I went back to 7-Eleven with Sophie and Taylor to buy them another water, and I bought a rice bowl thing with a spicy sauce for 400 yen.

7-Eleven Across the Street from Our Apartment.

Once we got back to the hotel, Sophie, Taylor and I exchanged our American dollars for Japanese yen.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called Lacasa di Nao. I had fettuccine alfredo. The appetizer was bread with olive oil instead of butter. It tasted delicious! When we were done eating we went to the hotel, went upstairs, and climbed into bed. When we wake up tomorrow, we get to go to Tokyo Disneyland!

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