Living in Tokyo, Japan – Part 6

December 7th, 2010

Wow! I have missed a lot of days in my journal! I will try my best to sum up the last few weeks.

School is pretty fun. The only thing that is a little difficult is the two hour block of math! Other than that I love all of my classes! I have made many friends. After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have been taking after school Japanese to help me learn more. I have learned how to write my name in katakana which is a form of Japanese writing. I am not very good at writing Japanese sentences, but I am quite good at reading them and translating them into English.

Now I will sum up the last few weeks. My aunt came to visit in late September. Just like we do with everyone who comes to visit, we took her to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. We went on Splash Mountain and we just had to buy the picture! My aunt looks calm, Sophie looks terrified, mom looks like she does in every Splash Mountain picture, terrified.

On dad’s birthday, October 31st, we went to Disneyland and Disney Sea for the 20th time since moving!

Two weeks ago, gramma and papa came to visit. Of course we went to Disney Sea! Gramma isn’t a roller coaster gal so Taylor and I took her to the small rides. We took her to Flounders Flying Fish Coaster. It is a fairly small coaster but gramma got mad at me because I told her it is not fast but to her it was.

6th Grade Trip to Hiroshima
Photo Credit – Lauren Hill

I almost forgot! About 1 month ago all of 6th grade went to Hiroshima for a week long field trip! We took a 4 hour Shinkansen ride to Hiroshima. For 2 nights we stayed at the Hotel Unizo. I stayed in a small room with my friend. We had a traditional Japanese dinner at the hotel. The last 2 nights we stayed in a cabin and made homemade pizzas for dinner.

We visited a World War 2 museum that had history around the Hiroshima bombing. There were diagrams and maps, clothing, footage and so much more. At night we went on night walks around the hotels. The first night we went on a walk with 4 teachers, and the second night we went out with just our English teacher. We ended up getting lost for about two hours but we stumbled across some cool places!

When we stayed at the cabin, we had no choice but to go to go to the onsen every night to bathe. An onsen is like a community bath/shower room. All of the girls go in the girls room at the same time and shower in the same room. I did not care for it very much…

February 1st, 2011

Ski trip! All of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade went on a ski trip to Nagano for 4 days. We took a 6 hour bus ride from the school. We stopped a handful of times on the way for bathroom breaks, snacks or a drink. When we arrived at the hotel, we found out who we were rooming with.

February 2nd, 2011

We spent the day skiing. We all woke up and got dressed, then went downstairs for breakfast. We then spent the whole day skiing. We practiced putting out ski’s on and did some side steps all day! I got really tired. We stopped for lunch and went back out a while later.

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