Living in Tokyo, Japan – Part 2

July 15th, 2010

Tokyo Disneyland here we come! We started our morning at Starbucks next to our hotel for some coffee, sandwiches and pastries.

Starbucks! Photo Credit, my dad, RJ Hill @rjhill_santokyo

We spent 2-3 hours trying to get to Tokyo Disneyland. After taking the subway too far, we had to go back to Shibuya to ask for directions on how to get there. We hopped on a train, got off of that one, got on another train, then got off and we were at Miahama station, aka, the Tokyo Disneyland station!

Miahama Station was the Tokyo Disneyland Station!

We walked through the gates of Tokyo Disneyland, and the fun commenced! The very first ride that we all went on was Gadget’s-Go-Coaster! I am not a huge fan of coasters so it was a bit scary to me. Next we decided to go on It’s a Small World. Nice and slow, just what I like! We also went on Peter Pan’s Flight, Dumbo, the Tea Cups, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek, Astro Blasters, Jungle Cruise and finally Splash Mountain.


I was scared to ride Splash Mountain at first, but then I got excited when we were getting ready to board the log. There were two little drops that scared me but they were exciting at the same time. When it was time for the big drop, I screamed my head off. It was really fun!

Splash Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland

For lunch we ate at a cafe in Adventureland called China Voyager. My sister and I split a cold noodle bowl with pork and a sesame sauce. On the side there was an almond and orange gelatin. It tasted so good! After lunch we rode Pirates one more time, then went back to the hotel for some rest!

July 17th, 2010

Yesterday, we went to Tokyo Disneyland again. The first ride that we went on was Pirates of the Caribbean. Next we went on It’s a Small World. After that was the Haunted Mansion, the Tea Cups, Splash Mountain, Swiss Family Tree House, Snow White’s Scary Adventure and Chip and Dale’s Tree House.

Disneyland Tea Cups, photo credits RJ Hill, @rjhill_santokyo

For lunch we ate at the Tomorrowland Terrace. We ate burgers and fries for the first time since being in Japan and they really hit the spot!

On the way out of the park we stopped in some shops in the World Bazaar! There were so many items that I wanted to buy. I am a huge Disney fan so every piece of merchandise like on this eBay link I saw.

July 17th, 2010

Today I got to sleep in until 11:00 am! I was so happy that I was able to catch up on some sleep after long days at Disney. For breakfast I had two doughnuts. What a great day to start the day?! At about 2:00 pm we left to go to Harajuku! A new experience for us all!

When we got to Harajuku we stopped at so many shops. Some were fancy stores such as Bulvgari, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo and Chanel, and some were small nick nack stores. For dinner we ate at Shakey’s pizza. We had a large pepperoni and olive pizza but we ate all of it! We ordered a second one and took the leftovers home.

Photo Credit – RJ Hill – Shakey’s Pizza

The pizza was so good! I bit into it and and was cheesy and oily from the pepperoni. It was even better because I haven’t had pizza in maybe a month. We took the JR train line back to Shibuya station, then walked back to our hotel.


July 19th, 2010

Yesterday we did not go anywhere until about 2:30 pm. Once we left the hotel we were off to Disneyland again! Because it was the weekend, it was packed. The line for Splash Mountain was 150 minutes. 2 and a half hours! No way we are waiting that long! We went to see what the wait for Big Thunder Mountain and that was 1 and a half hours. Small World for a 15 minute wait it is!

Photo Credit – RJ Hill

After Tokyo Disneyland we went to Harajuku and ate at T.G.I. Friday’s! I had a bacon cheeseburger that was as big as my head! I only ate about half of it before I was full. When Sophie and I were waiting for our food we had to go to the bathroom. So we walk into the bathroom and walk into the first stall and the toilet lid lifted up and scared us! When Sophie was done the toilet flushed automatically. When I was done it did not flush! I told Sophie to go out and get mom to save the day. She went back to the table and told mom “mom, we are having some technical difficulties in the bathroom.” Mom comes in, pushes one button and it flushed. We laughed so hard!

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