Living in Tokyo, Japan – Part 3

Journal Entry – July 21st, 2010

Wow! A lot happened today but not really yesterday. It was dad’s first day of work yesterday so mom, Sophie, Taylor and I went out for lunch and dinner because we had not bought groceries yet.

Today we moved into our apartment. It feels good to finally be in our new home but it is crazy to think that we will be here for the next 2-3 years. Our fridge and cupboards are still empty.

Journal Entry – July 22nd, 2010

We had a really relaxing day at home and managed to go to 7-Eleven twice. I cannot wait to July 28th for Taylor’s birthday cause we are going to Tokyo Disneyland again! She gets to pick out a balloon and a present under 1,000 yen as a gift from me. Hopefully we leave early enough to get to Splash Mountain to get a fast pass before they run out. They are usually out by noon.

Photo Credit – RJ Hill

Journal Entry – July 25th, 2010

A lot has happened in 3 days! We went across the street to the Aloha Table and ate some pupus. We ordered nachos, fried chicken, onion rings and fries.

The next day we finally went grocery shopping. We grabbed a bit of food to get our pantry and fridge started. We bought bacon, sliced beef, chicken breasts, a few different types of noodle, marinara sauce, green onions, hash brown patties, bagged corn and peas and like 4-6 more things. We did not need much more at the time because the leasing company gave us a gift basket with some toilet paper, body wash, tissues and water, and the building gave us a welcome basket with crackers, cheese, pate, champagne, grapefruit juice, flowers and wipes.

Photo credit, RJ Hill, @rjhill_santokyo

The next day we all went to IKEA to get any remaining furniture needed for our apartment like bed frames, mattresses, bath towels, etc. After buying everything we needed, we took the JR train line home to go to the phone store to get Sophie and I a phone. There were so many people so we decided to try the next day. On the walk home we ate at a Japanese burger chain called Mos Burger.

The following day, we finally got our phones! I got a green phone and Sophie got a pink phone. They are called Jelly Beans!

Photo credit, RJ Hill, @rjhill_santokyo

After getting our new phones we decided to go to Harajuku and go to Shakey’s for the 3rd time since moving to Tokyo. We were sat at the same table as the first time, and ordered the same pepperoni and olive pizza.

There is a store next door that we have wanted to go to since we saw it the first time we went to Shakey’s but it was always closed. It is called Kiddy Land. They have 5 different floors! They had a Hello Kitty floor, a Disney floor, a LEGO floor, a Snoopy floor, and a Japanese cartoon floor. Dad bought a lot of things from the LEGO floor.

My favorite collectible that we found at Kiddy Land was Bearbricks! They have so many different characters, sizes, and best of all they have mystery boxes so you do not know what bear you are going to get. They have artists who have designed bears, Disney bears, bands, DC and Marvel bears, and so much more! Check some out on eBay here!

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