Hi! I am Lauren! I am 21 years old, currently attending college classes online, and working full time. I still live with my large family of 7. My parents, two younger sisters, my grandpa and my aunt. We have one dog, three cats, a guinea pig, and we foster for an animal shelter in Denver.

I am an absolute Disney freak! I love Disney a ridiculous amount. My family lived in Tokyo, Japan from 2010-2012. During those two years we would go to Disneyland almost weekly. That is where my love really grew. In 2018, I bought three tickets for my sisters and I for Disneyland in California, which eventually got my parents to go!

When I am not working or doing school work you will find me spending time with my two sisters who help me with this blog from time to time, or with my boyfriend. Family means everything to me which is why I do not mind living at home, but sometime in the next few years it will be time for me to venture out on my own and get my own place.

Lifestyle means different things to different people. Health, traveling, finances and so much more.

Health can be both physical and mental health. Physical health is important to ensure you are staying in the best place you can be. This does not mean weighing less than you need to, or eating just enough to get by to stay thin. Healthy is putting enough fuel in your body to that will keep you going both short term and long term. Mental health is finding a way to be okay no matter what kind of situation you may be in. Knowing when you need assistance from friends, families, and maybe professionals.

Who doesn’t love to travel? I particularly love traveling to a Disney Park even though it’s not often. My family moved to Tokyo, Japan when I was 10, and my love for Disney and traveling grew. I hope to travel more in the next couple of years and experience places I have not been before. I have been to 33 states, and would love to visit all 50.

Personal finance recently became a huge part of my life. Saving money for the future, emergencies that may arise, investing in the stock market, and other small things that have helped me become financially stable. I do still live with my parents which makes things easy on me, but for young people I think it is important to learn early how to manage your money, and get ahead before you are spending money on a home, car payments, insurance, etc. People may think there is no way that this is possible for me. Wrong. It is possible for anyone.

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