Living in Tokyo, Japan – Part 1

Tokyo, Japan was a place that I was able to call my home for two years. This is a multiple part post as there is too much to write in one blog post about my life in Tokyo, Japan. I kept a journal while living in Japan so each post will be a journal entryContinue reading “Living in Tokyo, Japan – Part 1”

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Swedish Pancakes

Swedish pancakes are a perfect way to change up your average Saturday morning breakfast! Easy gluten free and dairy free Swedish pancakes are perfect for a weekend morning breakfast! I am not allergic to gluten or dairy, but I prefer to cook without gluten and dairy if possible for health reasons. Some dishes are veryContinue reading “Gluten Free and Dairy Free Swedish Pancakes”

Grilled Honey Balsamic Chicken Breasts

This easy, grilled honey balsamic marinated chicken is the perfect way to change up your average chicken breast dinners! My household tends to be a fan of chicken thighs due to the flavor from the fat, but breasts are a perfect way to change it up with other flavors. Quick Instructions for Grilled Honey BalsamicContinue reading “Grilled Honey Balsamic Chicken Breasts”

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are often the neglected vegetable that many people do not want to eat. You need to try brussels sprouts this way! This will change your mind on brussels sprouts. By cooking the brussels sprouts at a high temperature, it caramelizes the brussels sprouts giving them a sweet glaze. It leaves them soft onContinue reading “Sauteed Brussels Sprouts”