Gluten Free Blueberry Oatmeal Bake

This gluten free blueberry oatmeal bake is a great way to start your morning with breakfast, or end your day with dessert!

This bake is full of nutrients, antioxidants, and it fills you up! Oats and blueberries are packed with nutrients to make for a healthy snack, breakfast or dessert!


I recently started eating oats more because I feel so good after eating them! I got tired of eating oatmeal day after day and wanted to find something new. This bake is super quick and easy, and is a great way to add oats to your diet.


Blueberry oatmeal bake ingredients and Winston in the back! Photo by Lauren Hill

Oats – are rich in antioxidants, helps with weight loss, are full of nutrients, and loaded with fiber. Oats and cinnamon make a perfect combination!

Blueberries – are also rich in antioxidants, help clear up skin, are full of nutrients. I prefer to use fresh blueberries when I bake, but frozen would work as well. Make sure they are fully thawed before using to ensure there is no ice to add moisture to the bake.

Coconut Milk – I prefer to stay away from dairy when I am making a dessert or pastry. It is an easy swap to make without tasting the difference, but it is slightly easier for people to digest.

Quick Instructions

  • Combine all ingredients into a bowl except for the blueberries
Combined ingredients, photo by Lauren Hill
  • Add in blueberries and pour mixture into a 9×9 baking pan as seen on eBay.
Blueberry oat bake ready for the oven! Photo by Lauren Hill

Oatmeal Bake Options

  • If you are not a fan of blueberries, swap them for strawberries, bananas, and so much more! Combine fruits if you’d like.
  • You can use regular milk if you are not one to have dairy free milk on hand at all times.

Gluten Free Blueberry Oatmeal Bake

The perfect oatmeal bake for a warm, healthy breakfast.

  • 1 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1/3 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup melted butter (half a stick)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 1 cup blueberries
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray non-stick cooking spray in a 9×9 baking pan.

  2. Combine all ingredients minus the blueberries into a medium sized bowl.

  3. Once the ingredients are combined, gently mix the blueberries into the mixture to avoid popping the blueberries.

  4. Add the mixture to the pan and bake for roughly 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, stick a knife or toothpick in. It should come out clean.

  5. Let cool for 5-10 minutes, serve and enjoy!

  • Serve with a side of vanilla ice cream for the perfect dessert!

What to Serve With the Blueberry Oatmeal Bake

If you are eating this for breakfast, eat as it! If you are wanting to eat it as a dessert like you would an apple crisp or an apple pie, serve it with vanilla ice cream!

Top with some chopped nuts like pecans or walnuts to add a bit of crunch!

Storage of Leftovers

I personally split the bake into portions for me to take to work for breakfast. They were good for 4-5 days while refrigerating.

I heated the leftovers up for 30 seconds to 1 minute before devouring!

Other Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! Sometimes you just want a hashbrown, ham and casserole, Swedish pancakes, or a gluten free ham and cheese quiche!

Living in Tokyo, Japan – Part 6

December 7th, 2010

Wow! I have missed a lot of days in my journal! I will try my best to sum up the last few weeks.

School is pretty fun. The only thing that is a little difficult is the two hour block of math! Other than that I love all of my classes! I have made many friends. After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have been taking after school Japanese to help me learn more. I have learned how to write my name in katakana which is a form of Japanese writing. I am not very good at writing Japanese sentences, but I am quite good at reading them and translating them into English.

Now I will sum up the last few weeks. My aunt came to visit in late September. Just like we do with everyone who comes to visit, we took her to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. We went on Splash Mountain and we just had to buy the picture! My aunt looks calm, Sophie looks terrified, mom looks like she does in every Splash Mountain picture, terrified.

On dad’s birthday, October 31st, we went to Disneyland and Disney Sea for the 20th time since moving!

Two weeks ago, gramma and papa came to visit. Of course we went to Disney Sea! Gramma isn’t a roller coaster gal so Taylor and I took her to the small rides. We took her to Flounders Flying Fish Coaster. It is a fairly small coaster but gramma got mad at me because I told her it is not fast but to her it was.

6th Grade Trip to Hiroshima
Photo Credit – Lauren Hill

I almost forgot! About 1 month ago all of 6th grade went to Hiroshima for a week long field trip! We took a 4 hour Shinkansen ride to Hiroshima. For 2 nights we stayed at the Hotel Unizo. I stayed in a small room with my friend. We had a traditional Japanese dinner at the hotel. The last 2 nights we stayed in a cabin and made homemade pizzas for dinner.

We visited a World War 2 museum that had history around the Hiroshima bombing. There were diagrams and maps, clothing, footage and so much more. At night we went on night walks around the hotels. The first night we went on a walk with 4 teachers, and the second night we went out with just our English teacher. We ended up getting lost for about two hours but we stumbled across some cool places!

When we stayed at the cabin, we had no choice but to go to go to the onsen every night to bathe. An onsen is like a community bath/shower room. All of the girls go in the girls room at the same time and shower in the same room. I did not care for it very much…

February 1st, 2011

Ski trip! All of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade went on a ski trip to Nagano for 4 days. We took a 6 hour bus ride from the school. We stopped a handful of times on the way for bathroom breaks, snacks or a drink. When we arrived at the hotel, we found out who we were rooming with.

February 2nd, 2011

We spent the day skiing. We all woke up and got dressed, then went downstairs for breakfast. We then spent the whole day skiing. We practiced putting out ski’s on and did some side steps all day! I got really tired. We stopped for lunch and went back out a while later.

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Living in Tokyo, Japan – Part 4

July 28th, 2010

Today was such a fun day! It was Taylor’s birthday so we went to Disneyland and Disney Sea! First, we left the house at about 9:30 am and got to Disneyland at about 11:00 am. we did not go on many rides at Disneyland. Maybe 2-4 rides in 2 hours. We got a fastpass for Splash Mountain at 8:45 pm so we decided to go to Disney Sea. We have not been to Disney Sea yet so we were excited to see what it was like.

Tokyo Disney Sea is the most amazing theme park I have been to in my entire life. Be prepared for a long post at a later time.

Photo credit, RJ Hill, rjhill_santokyo

August 7th, 2010

Yesterday we finally received all of our rental furniture. Couches, lamps, dining room table and chairs, etc. I got super bored while they were delivering the furniture so I decided to go explore the area around the hotel next to our apartment building. The ANA Intercontinental and Ark Hills. I found a Subway, a sushi restaurant, and a few other places.

That night we decided to eat at a restaurant I found in this area called Plates. It was an Italian restaurant with pizza, pasta, scallops and more. We ordered a margarita pizza and it was amazing! It was fresh out of the pizza oven with fresh tomato’s and basil.

Today was full of activities as well. We hopped on the train to Bic Camera which is like the Japanese version of Best Buy to see what they have and buy a TV.

After shopping we went to a summer festival with food, games, prizes, entertainment and so much more! I cannot wait for dinner tomorrow because we will be going to Shakey’s again!

August 8th, 2010

Today was pretty fun! Dad and Taylor went back to Bic Camera, so Sophie and I went shopping. We went to the supermarket a few blocks from our apartment and bought cereal and popcorn, then we went to a convenience store for so many things! We bought instant noodles, ice cream, bread, coke, paper towels and more. We went home, put it all away and then ate lunch.

August 14th, 2010

Wow! What a week!? On the 10th, gramma Shirley arrived! She brought us cookies, peanut butter, bread to make, sunflower seeds, movies and more.

On the 11th we went to the Ueno Zoo! We only saw maybe half of the zoo because it was so big. When lunch rolled around we decided to eat before leaving the zoo. I had yakisoba noodles that were yummy! After the zoo we went to a natural history museum that was right next to the zoo.

On the 12th we decided to go to Tokyo Sea Life Park. It is an aquarium near Disneyland. Once you buy your tickets, you get on an escalator that takes you down below sea level getting darker and darker until you open up and sea large glass walls all around you. There is a large crowd of people gathered around the glass. I look up and see a baby Great White and a baby Hammerhead shark! There were large Blue Fin and Yellow Tail Tuna! It was taller than mom and dad combined!

Yesterday, mom and dad went to Ikea and Costco to get groceries and missing furniture like a desk lamp and a nightstand for me. Gramma, Sophie, Taylor and I stayed home all day. We went out to show gramma the shops across the street. We stopped by a bakery that had a cute cake that looked like it had a clear jello glaze on top. It was a pink leopard print cake. We went home and relaxed for the rest of the day.

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Living in Tokyo, Japan – Part 1

Tokyo, Japan was a place that I was able to call my home for two years. This is a multiple part post as there is too much to write in one blog post about my life in Tokyo, Japan. I kept a journal while living in Japan so each post will be a journal entry or two.

At the age of 11, my sisters and I were sitting on the couch when mom and dad told us they had something to tell us. We would be moving to Tokyo, Japan. The company my dad works for reached out with the opportunity to be a GM for all factory stores across Japan.

As an 11 year old it is hard to process and conceptualize what moving means, let alone to a foreign country where they speak a different language. It never hit me that we would be moving away from our entire family and the only life I knew in Vancouver, Washington.

Leaving Portland, Oregon to Move to Tokyo

July 14th, 2010

Last night when we arrived at Tokyo’s Narita Airport, we had to get dinner because it was 5:30 pm and we were so hungry so we had McDonalds. I loved how the fries weren’t greasy at all. When dad was getting tickets for the airport limousine bus to the hotel, we found out that the next bus was not until 8:15 pm.

At about 7:50 pm we went outside to wait for the bus. At exactly 8:15 pm, the bus arrives. We hopped on the bus and we were on our way. It took about an hour and a half to get to the hotel. We finally arrived at the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel in the heart of Shibuya. checked in, and went to our rooms. 11 pm is a late night for an 11, 8 and 4 year old.

city people lights walking
Photo by Negative Space on

Today we explored the area around our hotel in Shibuya in Tokyo. While exploring we found a fish and meat market, cute little anime shops, and so much more. After exploring we grabbed some Starbucks, and headed back to the hotel to meet with the realtor to finalize the rental of the apartment.

After finalizing the rental of the apartment, we went to the find some furniture for the apartment! Sophie, Taylor and I all sat in a massage chair and it felt so good! I decided to grab some free green tea. I don’t even like green tea though, but we found out that Taylor likes green tea!

We went to another leasing company and Sophie, Taylor and I were so bored! I decided to go next door to a 7-Eleven where I made my first purchase in Tokyo! I bought a bottled water for 100 yen! After I went back to the furniture store, I went back to 7-Eleven with Sophie and Taylor to buy them another water, and I bought a rice bowl thing with a spicy sauce for 400 yen.

7-Eleven Across the Street from Our Apartment.

Once we got back to the hotel, Sophie, Taylor and I exchanged our American dollars for Japanese yen.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called Lacasa di Nao. I had fettuccine alfredo. The appetizer was bread with olive oil instead of butter. It tasted delicious! When we were done eating we went to the hotel, went upstairs, and climbed into bed. When we wake up tomorrow, we get to go to Tokyo Disneyland!